Penny the, I-can’t-get-enough-sleep, Labradoodle



Is it possible for a dog to have chronic fatigue syndrome? Our Labradoodle Penny is almost 2 years old and she sleeps A LOT. She’ll give us stupid humans maybe an hour of her time throughout the day to indulge us with her cuteness but otherwise, she’s laid out snoozing somewhere in the house where her humans won’t bug her. She’s perfectly healthy. I mean, she’s capable of running and working up a good pant, but if given the option, she’d rather be sleeping. Maybe it’s the hell-a-hot heat here in Austin (crap, it puts me to sleep), or we bore her to tears, or life is sweeter in doggie Zzz-land (steak, chicken, chocolate, ahhh yeah!). I just don’t know. But again, she sleeps A LOT.

I don’t worry about it because honestly, if she were up for more than the 60 minutes a day that she gifts us with, needy, high maintenance, and needing walks every stinking day, I’d want her the hell out. Truth is, I can’t stand hyper, needy, throw-me-the-ball dogs. They drive me insane, so Penny couldn’t have landed in a better home. Ya see, we’ve got the hyper kids (and honestly, they’re not all that hyper), but their energy is enough for the dog, hamster, fish, and 2 adults that live with them. A hyper dog would have pushed me over the edge and won itself a quick trip to the dog pound, expensive breed pup or not. My husband always tells me, “You’d have learned to love her if she was hyper.” No, I wouldn’t have. I’d have found a way to lose her on 360. (“Oops! I don’t know how she jumped out of the van, that only has sliding doors that open when the car is parked!”) Of course, I kid. I would have learned to love her, but it would have been at the expense of my sanity. My precious, I love to sleep, sanity.

Penny, I love you. Don’t change a thing, and please don’t get up to read this post. I wouldn’t want to cut into your 23-hour nap.

This post is dedicated to another furry friend, Lucy, who lived a happy 14 years with her human family and is now in pup heaven with her brother Farley. We’ll miss you Lucy.



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