Green light to run!

So I had my weekly physical therapy with Troy over at Sports Performance International yesterday and he gave me the green light to start running again. Yeah!!  This has been 4 weeks in the works. Actually more like 8 if you count the 4 weeks before that that I entrusted to time (letting time heal the calf on its own) . After 4 weeks of daily calf exercises Troy said I could start running, but we’re going to go slow. He wants me to run at least 3 times this week for 20 – 30 minutes, 1 minute walk, 1 minute run, as well as continuing with my daily exercises. I could handle that! We also talked about my wanting to run the San Antonio Rock ‘N Roll half-marathon in November and he was optimistic. However, he was also cautious and wanted us to take it slow in ramping up my distances. He said that if we don’t heal entirely before then, we have others in the fall and early winter that we could shoot for.

I’m going to try my first run tomorrow. Wish me luck!

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