Run #1, after 10 week hiatus

I mentioned recently that I was given the go-ahead to run. I had my first run on Sunday and it went fabulously well!! Mind you, it’s been almost 2 months (maybe 10 weeks) that I haven’t run due to a calf injury.

I’ve been somewhat nervous about my first run, even though I trusted Troy (my PT) to ease me slowly into it. I must confess that I felt the slightest twinge about half-way through it, but I’m not 100% sure. I’m starting to wonder if my head is starting to play games with me, or if now it’s just a matter of mind-over-matter (or mind-over-calf in my case). Regardless, I pressed on and am now having my post-workout muscle discomfort (that beautiful pain you feel when you know the muscles you haven’t used in a while have been worked), and thoroughly enjoying it. (For those of you worrying, not in my calf, but legs in general.) I’m looking forward to my next workout tomorrow. Same routine — 1 minute walk, 1 minute run for 30 minutes, and daily calf strengthening exercises.

Tune in tomorrow for a new update on Run #2, and learn about my new running toy!

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