Oh if only the rest of me were as tiny as my ears

Sony earbuds for teeny tiny ears

Sony earbuds for teeny tiny ears

A good run, in my humble opinion, is only as good as the tunes you run to. There are those that really get you moving, and those that if you don’t toggle quickly past will slow you down to a crawl. My problem with the music portion of my runs was not the music itself, or the iPod, but rather my listening apparatus, i.e. my headphones. For the last few weeks, when I had to use the iPod for the occasional cardio workout, I’ve been subjected to listening to only one ear phone, or suffering carpal tunnel syndrome when having to fold the cord at the iPod/ear phone port (it’s the only way it worked). I finally caved and bought myself yet another set of headphones. I know what you’re thinking, “What’s her deal? Headphones are not terribly expensive, just go out and get another pair.” I’ve purchased COUNTLESS. In fact, when my husband learned I’d bought yet another pair, he exclaimed, “And what’s wrong with all of these (opens drawer-full pointing out at least 5 headphones).” Hear’s my problem oh large-eared husband … small, dainty ears!  Due to what I thought to be an imperfection (small ear holes), or misshapen ears, I was always forced to using the dorky earphones that wrap around your head. You know the ones, the ones that debuted with the Walkman, oh 20 years ago. I tried the new, cooler pieces, the ones that fit perfectly into your ear and miraculously stay put on everyone else’s head, but with every one that I tried they’d fall out of my ear. I’d take five steps, and they’d fall out. Or several strides on the elliptical, and they’d fall out. EVERY SINGLE TIME!

After enough frustration, and the sound of my own breathing during my workouts, I decided to try my hand again at being one of the cool kids at the gym. After about 20 minutes of analyzing each one at Target, and having at least 2 salespeople approach me asking me if I needed help, I decided upon the Sony Stereo Headphones (MDR-EX32).  LOVE THEM!!!! They fit perfectly. It doesn’t hurt that they have 3 different sized ear bud cushions for people with grande, medium, and smaller sized ear holes (sheer brilliance!!). They worked so well that when on my run yesterday, I could not hear my mom screaming for me across the track.

To boot, and this is kismet, I got an email from Fitness telling me that they have a 10-mile playlist. Sweet! I’m nowhere near a 10-mile run, but will be at some point during my half-marathon training, and until then am always open to new music to download for any run, short or long.  Take from it what you like, and certainly, if you have other songs to recommend for a run, please shoot me a Comment. Happy running!!



  1. Ana!!! I have small ear syndrome also! Apple earphones hurt my ears SO badly… they are too large and either end up killing me if I wear them while hanging out, or they fall out when I run. I need to get the earphones you bought, because I actually completely gave up using my iPod because of all the earphone problems I have had!

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