Training starts 8/23

Saw my PT torturer on Friday.  I love my visits with him, and yet hate them. You know, kind of like the dentist. You hate going because those cleanings suck but yet when you leave you can’t help but marvel at those pearly whites in your rear view mirror, and avoid eating for a good hour or more just to keep them clean for a little bit longer. When I see Troy I feel like I get my workout and PT all done for the day in one shot. It hurts like hell, and I wish evil things upon him with every torturous set but it’s that good pain (kinda like labor).

All joking aside, I’m very happy with my results so far. I’m extremely optimistic that I’ll be able to start training aggressively for my goal, a half-marathon in mid-November. When I asked him which training plan I should follow, he suggested I do the 12-week program. I like this one by Hal Higdon, but since I have another couple of weeks, I am still doing some more research to see if there are others I should consider. (This training plan from Jeff Galloway looks like a great one too if you have 19 weeks to train.) He also said that walking is OK to do during my training and to not feel as if I’m failing if I need to run-walk. That’s alright since the point is to go the distance, not post a PR. (A PR is not bloody likely this first time around. I’ll be thrilled to just finish.)

I’m officially starting my training on Aug 23rd. Join me!!


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