Slice of paradise


Royal Caribbean, Cancun, Mexico

The family and I have been vacationing in Cancun, Mexico this week. Yes, despite the H1N1 fears. Some people raised their eyebrows wondering why we’d take that chance (i.e. my parents who were vocal about their opinion), but the truth is, we weren’t worried about it. By the time we were confirming our vacation plans, the swine flu had already reached the US and Europe. There was no outrunning this thing, and as far as we were concerned, it was no different from any other flu we’ve had to deal with. That said, we booked our trip, purchased our flights, and started counting down to our vacation in paradise.

Then I got laid off.  (Isn’t that how it always happens? As soon as you buy that new house, or new car, or book that big vacation you get laid off.) Minor hiccup in plans, but even that wasn’t going to stop us.

Fast forward a couple of months later, and here we are! We’re staying at the Royal Caribbean overlooking the crystal blue waters of the, you guessed it, Caribbean. It’s spectacular. The kids are in heaven playing in the ocean, and in the pools among the various Royal Resorts here on Cancun (they’re sister resorts so we can frequent them at no additional charge). Our favorite has to be the Royal Sands. Beautiful pool, more amenities, newer, nicer restaurant. The hotels here on the strip are incredible, among them, the Ritz Carlton, the Riu, Riu Palace, Westin, Le Blanc Spa Resort Hotel, and Me (when my husband saw the Me he screamed, “Oh my God! Oh my God!! Oh my God!!!! That’s where the new season of Real World is being shot!!” I know, he scares me too.). This region had been hit hard first by hurricane Wilma last year, then the swine flu. These wonderful people can’t catch a break but I asked someone if things seem to be improving and he said that without question things have picked up in the last few weeks. April through July were dead but as of the beginning of August, people are starting to travel to the region again. Thank goodness because though it’s been perfect for us with few crowds, these wonderful people need to get back on their feet and a healthy tourist economy moving them forward.

As for my training, no running this morning. The Achilles tendon is still healing and felt much better today. I figure I’ll wait for it to heal a little more and pick up my running again when I return to Texas so if it flares up again, I have excellent reason for a speedy visit with Troy for a real diagnosis. Don’t need a torn or pulled tendon to ruin the last couple of days of my vacation.

(PS – imagine a really beautiful picture of the blue waters of the Caribbean at the top of this blog. My connection is painfully sloooooowwwww so you’ll have to forgive me for not posting one this time.)


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