Tiny Tumbler

I had the rare occasion today while on vacation to catch a glimpse of the new Price is Right. I say “rare occasion” because despite my being on vacation where one would assume there would be ample time to do anything I want, including watching daytime TV, my personal time is rare and well, nonexistent. I have young children and anyone with young children knows that vacations are all about them, very little to do about you. So, a lot of my time has been at the pool and on the beach. I digress…

Do you remember watching the Price is Right? I’m a child of the late 70s/early 80s and there were days when my day was filled with daytime TV. That day sometimes (OK, often) included the Price is Right that in NY I remembered was on at 10AM weekdays. Watching it today took me back. You forget how you get into this show! Cheering on the contestants, shouting out your bids, and absolute disappointment with some of the items. I’ve missed it! Pure entertainment!

As you all know the fun begins with the first four contestants. Well this episode was to be no exception. The last of the four contestants called is a middle-aged woman. She is of course psyched that she’s been called, so much so that her feet forget how to walk/run, and she falls. She not only falls but then continues to roll down a couple of stairs. I have never in all of my years of watching, have EVER, seen someone fall. (And I’m sure it happens. I’m sure there are a bunch of great YouTube clips of mistakes and mishaps on the Price is Right, but I personally have never witnessed one on the show.) I could not stop laughing (in fact just thinking about it right now is making me laugh. I’m sorry!!). But in the true spirit of the game, and the shortness of time, they don’t stop to say, “Hey, Carol. You OK there? That was quite a tumble.” Nope, Drew pressed on with the first item up for bid, doesn’t even mention it. Life is cruel.

After many years of not playing along with my television contestant friends, honing my skills, I have sadly lost my touch. I came nowhere near the correct bid for the pool table. Anyway, Carol (yes, the Tiny Tumbler) wins! She’s onto play the Coming/Going game for a trip to Costa Rica (which by the way this Coming/Going game I believe took the producers all of about 10 seconds to come up with the concept. An elephant with a lobotomy could have played this one.). Kudos to Carol because in spite of her nationally televised embarrassing moment she goes on to win the trip!

Allen, Mr. 20-something-I-just-outbid-these-ladies-on-the-stacked-washer-dryer, is up next for a bedroom set. He’s totally bumming because after a trip to Costa Rica he has to play for a bedroom set/furniture. Again pure entertainment because his face says it all (“Seriously? Tiny Tumbler gets a trip to Costa Rica and I get a bedroom set?! WTF!!”). Well he has to play the Cliff Hanger game. Yes!! The Cliff Hanger game with the little yodeler guy climbing the cliff! An oldie but a goodie IMO! The object is to guess the price of the 3 items without going over more than $25 of the difference between your guess and the price of the items. I tell my girls, “Mommy is really good at this one. Check it out.” So the three items are a webcam, bamboo cutting board, and an automatic dry food dispenser. Had I been playing with Drew, my little climber would have taken a fast pitch to his death on the webcam alone. I was soooo off on my guesses.

Here’s my observation playing this one … I’m paying way too much for things I buy!! My guess on the bamboo cutting board was nowhere near its $22 actual cost. Where does a BAMBOO cutting board cost $22?? Anyway, cut to the chase, Allen wins the Cliff Hanger game with $0 to spare!!! Little yodeler is at the very top on the $25 mark and has not gone over! Of course the audience goes crazy, Allen is jumping up and down, his face is beet red, hugging Drew Carey, in absolute amazement that he’s been able to pull it off! My girls and I are just as happy for him!! Then the camera pans over to his winnings – the bedroom set. Big sigh. Bummer dude.

One word for you, Allen … Craigslist, and let’s hope you hit the $1.00 on the Big Wheel.

PS – I just saw that this was a recorded episode from 5-25-09. Still, absolutely priceless and worth the blog and laugh.


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