Pressing on

I continue to baffle my PTs (I have a new one that’s shadowing Troy, Cheryl; love her!). I went in on Friday with my new calf issue and they were debating whether it was a soleus strain or a nerve issue. Neither of which they tell me is of huge concern, both can be fixed, but frustrating nonetheless for me because all I want is an answer. A clear path for how to fix it so that it doesn’t happen again.

I know we’ll be able to pinpoint it soon, I just want it to be NOW. Patience, Ana.¬†Patience.

My next visit isn’t until Monday the 31st and secretly, I’m hoping that I’ll pull it again just a day or two before then so they can have the immediate effects of the pain to work with. Right now it’s just remnants of my pain that they’re using to determine the issue. By the time I’m seeing them, I’m almost always recovering and then they’re having to palpate deep to find the pain or knots. Owwiee!!!

My training is supposed to start tomorrow for my half-marathon. I’m pressing on!!!! I won’t run through the pain, because Troy doesn’t want me to do that, and I listen to Troy, but I will move foward with the original plan. Fingers and toes crossed.


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