Back to school

Thank God for back-to-school. At the end of the school year, we’re happy for some relief. The relief from the early morning wake-ups, lunches, carpooling, after school pick-ups/activities; by the end of the year they have taken their toll on us (“us” being tired-beyond-human-recognition parents). By then we’re exhausted from all of the schedules and activities and look forward to waking up at 7:00 or 7:30.   However by mid-August (for me, it’s mid June; I kid!), ask any mother or stay-at-home parent and we are READY. Ready for the routine, for the alarm clock to go off at o-dark-hundred, for school drop-offs, pick-ups, backpacks, homework, PTA, and annoying fundraisers. Why? Because we want our sanity back. We crave the end of the whining, crying, siblings fighting, “What are we doing today?”, a googolplex of things strewn everywhere that need picking up, putting away, and cleaning. More than anything because we’re ready for a quiet house again, if only for those few precious hours. The quiet is so beautiful you want to cry.

I’m crying myself silly at about 8:45 tomorrow.

PS – and I’m not normally the stay-at-home parent!!! This summer I’ve learned without a doubt that I’ve married a saint who’s been doing the SAHP thing for 10 years now.  Not a wrinkle, nor gray hair on that man’s head. How did he do it? I think he hired someone to watch them while he was at Starbucks Tall-no-foam-Latteing it up with like-minded SAHDs. Evil genius.


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