Day 1 of training

Wasn’t fantastic, but I survived. I’m maintaining my walk/run for at least a couple of weeks to see if I can strengthen the calf a little more to the point where I can go a little longer each time with the running and less time with the walking, without pain.

The injury-prone calf did well today. The surprise… the other calf started acting up!! JMJ. I’d always wondered too as I was rehabilitating the left calf if I was creating an imbalance and weakening the other calf by not paying it any attention.

I’ve surmised that I need to get back to more of my regular workout schedule. When I was mixing it up with resistance training, biking, the elliptical, and the occasional cardio class, it seems like the calf wasn’t as strained, and I was much happier overall. With the kids back in school, I think I’ll be able to get back to that schedule and training, see if it makes a difference at all.

I’m not giving up.


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