Day #2 of training

With all of this training that I blog about, I feel like someone is holding me accountable. I can’t slack off now, or can I? No dear reader, all one of you, I won’t.

Had a good day. It was all cardio at the gym (elliptical, spin cycle, and stair mill), oh and some leg weights. Tomorrow’s my running day and it will be a good indicator of where we are with the calves (plural, because now it’s both, damn it).

Onto more important things… I cooked another dish out of my favorite cookbook, At Home with Magnolia. I made the Pasta e Fagioli (I love saying that, with my Eye-talian accent of course). It was fabulous!! My kids even loved it. One thing I’d do next time though is maybe not do so much garlic (half a cup of minced garlic!). It didn’t seem heavy handed on the garlic when you ate it, but I’m not a big fan of the stench rose and so would cut it down by maybe a 1/3 or a half. Maybe. It really was fantastic, so maybe I’ll just leave it alone. Of course my husband insisted I cook all of it (all 8 servings) and now we have enough Pasta e Fagioli to feed a football team.

I want to try her meatloaf next (even though I’m not a meat-eater), or her Mac ‘n Cheese.

Happy eating.


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