Days #3 and 4 of training

All’s going well, I guess. I had another run on Thursday that wasn’t all too bad. I could feel some discomfort in my right calf (which is the “healthier” of the two), but not so bad that I had to stop. So, I pressed on, walked/ran 3.25 miles, then walked another 20 minutes for a total cardio session of 60 minutes.

Today I did a half hour on the elliptical with an additional 20 minutes of resistance training (arms and legs). I unintentionally did another 1.5 mile walk late in the day with my friend Kathy who underestimated the distance to Guadalupe. (I couldn’t not call you out on it!) Oh, and did I mention that it was still hot, and my feet now have blisters? (Note to self, pack comfy shoes when out with Kathy.) It’s all in jest. I actually wanted to tack on another 30 minutes of cardio in my day, so in the end it all worked out. Dinner and a margarita at Julio’s certainly didn’t hurt.

Saturday is my “rest” day then I’m supposed to do a 4 mile run on Sunday. We’ll just see about that.


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