Day #7 & 8 training

Day 7 – Stretch & Strengthen

Not sure what “Stretch” really means. Should I be doing Yoga? Because basic stretching, I’ve been doing that regularly now since I turned 41 and all these issues started. Should I be doing more? I don’t think I can do any more what with the stretches I already do and the PT stretches. I would like to add some Yoga into my fitness regimen but the truth is, it bores me. I’m about 1o or 15 minutes into it and my mind is elsewhere. How do people do it? And yes, I know it’s good for me. I told you, I want to do it, I just have to get my tail into a Yoga class. There are a couple I’ve spotted around town that offer 10 classes for $10, and another has an introductory offer of $39 for the first month of unlimited classes. I could take advantage of either, and I should. We’ll see. I already feel like I have plenty on my plate and one more thing could push me over the edge. Completely negate any good that comes of my Yoga.

I also did some cardio (elliptical and spin cycle) and lastly some leg strengthening.

Day 8 – 3 miles

I ran my 3 miles of 1 min walk/run and it was fine. Ah, the weird thing was that I had quite a bit of tightness and pain in BOTH of my calves on Monday. Now remember, after my run on Sunday only my right calf hurt and I wasn’t too worried about it. Well totally different story after the lactic acid started building up. It was pretty uncomfortable. So much so that this morning, I really questioned whether or not I should go for my run. I decided to give it a try after running a few paces in my home and feeling fine. I was mostly concerned with a slight twinge that I felt in my left calf that felt very much like the start of the nerve issues that began this fine journey. Didn’t want to re-aggravate that. Anyway, I decided to go, and it was fine. No significant discomfort while running. Every now and again I’d feel like my right calf was about to pull again, but nothing ever came of it. Thankfully.

I also had my weekly PT session with Troy this morning. I told him all about my calf issues and he nodded his head and basically said, “You’re a mess.” No, he didn’t say that! Though I’ve thought it often!! I basically am now taking my exercise regimen to both legs which makes sense to me. I think my strengthening was imbalanced and so my right calf naturally gave out. That’s just my cereal-box-mail-away-medical-degree- theory.  I was told to only run to that point just before the pain begins. I’m no longer allowed to run through the pain. Frankly, I’m not certain that will amount to much mileage. My calves are incredibly tight! I’m finding that they start to give out at about 3 miles now and that’s with my 1 minute walk/run program!!  I really am worried now about my distances and my ability to ever get back up to even just a 5 mile run.

Bumming out.

Another question for Troy was whether or not diet could be the cause of my calf issues. His first question was, “Are you a vegetarian?” Funny you should ask because it’s been since March of this year that I decided to go vegetarian. He told me I needed to look at ensuring I was getting my daily requirement for protein. (I’m pretty sure I do, but I need to look into this.) I’ve also started taking a multi-vitamin. I know I should be taking these anyway, or that’s what “they” tell us we should be doing, but for the most part, I’m a pretty good eater. I’m not a fan of the multi-vitamin, never have been, but given my vegetarianism, I will start taking these more regularly. I am a huge believer in that what you put into your body is what you get out so I need to be better about how I’m fueling it. Maybe that will be the cure-all to my calf issues!!! I can dream.



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