Day #9 & 10 training

Day #9 – Cross train and/or strengthen

I flaked. I was so sore from my session with Troy and Heather (new PT asst) that I couldn’t bring myself to get to the gym. OK, the truth is, of course I could have. I was just too damn lazy to do it. I could make the excuse that I was super busy with some leads that came in for my job search and consulting biz, but bottom-line, I CHOSE not to. It really comes down to choice.

Day #10 – 3 mile run

Had a great run. I’m starting to stretch my minute run to 1.25 minutes and 45 seconds of walking. I had some discomfort in my right calf, but I think that was just soreness from Monday. Nothing new developed. So, I guess that’s good news!? I’m continuing my PT exercises and some additional stretching in the hopes that my calves will loosen up. Maybe I need a massage. Now there’s a great excuse to book one!

Going to slap some Bengay on my calf to see if that’ll help with the soreness. Yep, you read that correctly. Bengay. I’m getting old.


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