Day #16 – 19 training – “Your registration has been successfully completed.”

The biggest day of my training was on Sunday when I was scheduled to run 5 miles. It wasn’t a great run, but not because of my calves. On a high note, the calves held up just fine. I just felt sluggish and it wasn’t as easy a run as I would have liked. Chalk it up to the margaritas the night before, but I didn’t have lots of them, two small ones. I could complain, but the truth is that I’m thrilled I was able to finish it. I did add more time to my running intervals. So where I was only running 1:30 minutes and walking :30 seconds, I upped it to 2 minute runs and :15 second walks. You can see why I’m thrilled. (And yes, that may explain why I felt so sluggish.)

I have a 3.5 mile run tomorrow morning before my visit with Troy. He’ll be pleased that I was able to go longer on my running without any pain in the calves.

And lastly, it’s official. “Your registration has been successfully completed.” That’s the message I got when I submitted my registration for the San Antonio Half Marathon. It’s good. Before this I had an out. Now, my out will be a costly $95. I’m glad to have that added motivation. Who’s joining me?!


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