I’m back! Days #20 – 25 training

I’ve been out of pocket for about a week now. So sorry! Just “stuff” going on that needed my attention. Running has been my saving grace, helping keep my “stuff” in perspective.

I’ve had several runs since my last post.

Day #20 – 3.5 mile run

No problem!

Day #21 – Cross and/or strengthen

Did 30 minutes of bike and then did some legwork (resistance).

Day #22 – 3.5 mile run

Ran 4 miles! I increased my run time even further this time to 2 minutes and 30 seconds with 15 seconds walk. I alternate between the two for a full 4 miles. I was also able to run a couple of half miles straight without a walk in between. Getting better every day!

Day #23 – 40 minute cross/strengthen

Did 40 minutes of elliptical/treadmill and about 15 minutes of strenthening (mostly abs). I really need to spend some more time on the abs.

Day #24 – REST!!

You know how I love my REST day! I especially caught up on some much needed sleep today.

Day #25 – 5 mile run

Silly me. I read ahead and was working on a 6 mile long run today. I did well up until about mile 5.5 where my left calf started hurting . I am now convinced that Troy is on the right track as far as the source of my injury. Today, more than ever before, it felt like a nerve issue. That is, it didn’t feel like a muscle strain, but a soreness that stretched from the OUTER (new part of the calf) calf down to the middle/big toe and up a little to the back of the knee. It’s about 9 hours since my run and it’s just starting to feel better. And of course this all happens a few days after he told me to come back in 2 weeks (vs our 1 week visits), and maybe 3 if I’m fine and not having any issues at all. His attempts to break up with me are jinxing my recovery. I have a 4 mile run coming up on Tuesday. I hope I’ll be better before then.


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