Planning is required for interviews

I attended a fabulous workshop the last 2 days. It was a workshop on building your own consulting business (Consulting Stance). I met a group of incredibly bright people all geared to succeed in this difficult market with their unique skills and professionalism. However, I was distraught with one particular encounter I had.

Many of us are there because we’ve been out of work and are looking to take our destinies into our own hands via a consulting business. One gentleman is still on the fence (I think we all are, scared mostly), but this particular individual stepped out for a few minutes during day-1 of the workshop to participate in a phone interview with a prospective employer. It was a 2-hour interview. He was of course excited. Hell, we all were!! Mentioned that this is the first interview he’s been asked to take since he lost his job 8 months ago. When I asked him if he’s prepared for the call his response was, “No.”

I’m not sure if my face showed any obvious signs of concern at this point, that is if my head spun a few times, or my eyes popped out of my skull, but NO??!!! He was an older gentleman (maybe early 60s?) and though I don’t consider myself someone who discriminates against seniors, I’m not naive enough to believe that it doesn’t happen. In this economy, the youngin’s have the advantage (cheaper, technically savvy, malleable). That said, I believe that the seniors need to be all the more focused on proving themselves, showing where and why they’re better than the snots they’re up against (I hate that this is even the case; truly I do). So then, HOW COULD HE NOT PREPARE FOR THAT CALL?!!!  Were he taking the call the next day, I’d have told him to get his shit together and do his homework before that call, but his call was that very day. It pained me. Bothered me every time I looked over at him because I know without a doubt that he has the smarts and knowhow to have kicked ass on that call, if only he’d prepared.

Of course he didn’t do well. When he returned and was asked, “How did it go?, he replied, “Ugggh. It was grueling.” No shit Sherlock.

For anyone reading my blog that’s looking for a job, DO YOUR HOMEWORK. I don’t care how old you are, 20 or 60, do your homework. There is absolutely no excuse for not being prepared for questions about the company, your experience, and your contribution to making them successful (to name a few). If you bomb the interview for lack of preparation, it’s your own damn fault. You don’t deserve the job at that point.

I seriously hope that this is just the first of many more interviews for him, and that he’s learned from this experience. I seriously hope that’s the case.

The AARP has a great site on jobs for seniors. I hope this helps.



  1. You’d think! Or maybe we just get complacent with age, assume that the years of experience should speak for themselves and therefore no extra work to land the job is required. It’s a whole new ballgame we’re playing right now and IMO, we all have to relearn the rules, young or old. Am I off-base?

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