Night running is bad for the heart

Last night I decided to go for a late run. I wasn’t able to run yesterday morning and didn’t want to run in the Texas heat that lingers late into the day. So, at about 6:30 I decided to head out.

I remember now why I DON’T run at night. I got off to a great start. (I’ll post more shortly about my training and how it’s been coming along.) I didn’t realize how quickly the sun goes down. Or rather, how slow I run. At any rate, I was about half way into it when the street lights were on and I was staring at the ground for critters and dog poop.

On the subject of critters … Texas is known for them. Big, small, flying, slithering .. they’re freakin’ everywhere. I’m a native New Yorker and anything that doesn’t look like a cockroach or a rabid squirrel is unfriendly territory.  It starts out with the flying bugs.  I’m a virtual car running at low speed. My face is the windshield and my mouth the front grid of the car. Yes, a bug got in my mouth. I’m breathing through my mouth! At this point I’m happy to be breathing. So, that’s my first stop. I have to pull over to the side and do a few spits into the grass in the hopes that I’ve gotten that unknown bug out of my mouth. (This after I chuckled at the woman I passed with braces who had her mouth open while breathing.)

OK, assuming I haven’t swallowed the damn thing, I continue with my run. I’m about 4 miles into it, excited about my last mile, when holy crap a snake just attempted to cross my path. I HATE SNAKES. They scare the bejesus out of me. I know my fear is irrational but it’s something about an animal slithering on its belly, beady eyes, and pointy face with lightening fast tongue … ewwwww, creepy as hell. Hate them, hate them, hate them. So, you can imagine the momentary heart failure I experience when I see my life flash before my eyes as this small snake almost gets tangled up in my sneakers. (Yes, it was more than likely a harmless, nonvenomous snake, but that’s not the point. And by the way, I couldn’t find anything online about this snake. OF COURSE I looked it up as soon as I got home!!)  The bug was bad enough, the snake was just evil icing on the cake.

The last reason I can’t do night runs anymore … the dark patches of road where there are no street lights. That this native New Yorker is not afraid of someone jumping out of a bush to steal my iPod or flash me, but rather anticipating bugs or snakes lurking out of their dark homes to take me down … just bad, bad, bad for the heart.

Do you run at night? WHY?


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  1. LOL. You totally pegged it. I miss Texas, if only because the wildlife. 😉

    The only dangerous thing I have to contend with – other than humans – are skunks. I think I’d rather eat a bug than get “skunked”.

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