Training for San Antonio half marathon continues

For those of you taking bets on whether or not I’ve given up, I’m still in it! I know I’ve been away for a while but mostly because my life has gotten a bit hectic with some consulting work I’ve picked up for my marketing business, Bella Luna Marketing, and then just busy with kids schedules, their activities, relatives visiting, flus, colds, and viruses too. Crazy busy, but always fun.

As I said, I have been keeping up with my running. I’m still doing my walk/run routine, increasing my run time to a minute and 30 seconds, walking to a minute. With that, I haven’t had any calf injuries. Lots more of me aches, but I think that’s just old age — knees, hips, lower back. (This bus is falling apart.) Thankfully nothing that requires me to stop for fear of doing serious damage (because of course I would if it weren’t just what I like to consider a normal ache).  These little aches serve as constant reminders of how I need to also build up the supporting muscles that would probably make my runs that much easier to contend with (yes, that’s a preposition there that I just ended my sentence with; there’s another one). I’m smart enough to know this, but I don’t do it. Why, you ask kind reader? Because I’m a lazy piece of turd. The thought of dragging myself into the gym for yet another workout seems like a chore. See, that’s why I’d make a terrible professional athlete. I’d much rather spend my time reading or eating ice cream than working out and having a rock hard body. I do need to do it or my runs will only get more difficult. But I struggle with using new muscles that could potentially bring back my calf issues! Absurd, right? But I reinjured my calf 6 months ago doing a new routine. It’s that double-edged sword.

My long-run tomorrow is an 8-miler. I’m actually looking forward to it. I had to skip my Thursday run this week (5 miler) due to some conflicts but it’s been a good rest, much needed rest.

Anyone running the San Antonio half-marathon? Let me know. Would love to meet up with you there post-race.



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