In a NY state of mind

I’m enjoying a few days in NYC with some good friends and family. I just love NYC. The energy, the people, the many, MANY things to do. Have mostly spent day-1 walking and getting reacquainted with this incredible city. The highlights from yesterday …

National Design Museum – we were actually looking for a different exhibit, fell upon this one by mistake but nonetheless pleased with what we saw. Andrew Carnegie’s mansion alone is worth going.

Wicked– well worth the exorbitant price of entrance. Absolutely loved it!

Balthazar – just can’t beat a midnight dinner of Lobster risotto, pomme frittes, and a Cosmopolitan.



  1. I absolutely loved “Wicked” too.

    I just saw “Spring Awakening” in Sacramento (why I didn’t see it when it was closer, I don’t know). It is amazing. Totally unlike any of the other musicals you may have seen…and a welcome break from ALW musicals. Spring Awakening’s music composer is one of my fav’s. Highly recommended if you ever get a chance.

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