I’ll meet you at the Plaza

Having a wonderful time in NYC. This was day-2 of our weekend here:

Museum of Arts & Design – absolutely fantastic! Two exhibitions currently featured at the museum are “Slash” and “Read My Pins.” Slash features work created purely from paper. PAPER!! That stuff that we throw away, read, recycle, write on! These artists take this everyday medium and produce these extraordinary pieces that you could not possibly think could come from a person’s mind, let alone be put together piece by tiny, cut, sliced, shredded, and torn piece! The other exhibition is “Read My Pins”, featuring Madeleine Albright’s pin collection that she’s amassed over the years largely during her tenure as Secretary of State. This exhibition made me want to run out and start my own pin collection!!  If you’re in the NYC area you just have to go to the Museum of Modern Design. It’s well worth it!

The Plaza’s Oak Room – after the museum we walked up 5th Avenue to the Plaza where we sat and enjoyed lunch in the Oak Bar.. It was just lovely dahling!! The food was wonderful and the room was just rich in wood, history and elegance. Overlooking Central Park, it was just the perfect NY dining experience.

5th Avenue – we just walked and walked (oh my tootsies!). We stopped in at Bergdorf Goodman (where among those many Manolo Blahnik and Valentino shoes can you believe they didn’t have Sketcher’s?!) and Takashimaya (eh, it didn’t make much of an impression on me). And then we walked over to Dylan’s Candy Bar and fought huge crowds for sweets and more sweets. (I had a sugar contact high from just walking around in there.)

We then headed downtown to where we were staying and walked around Broadway and Prince. We stopped in at Quiqlo and H&M for some light retail shopping therapy.

And lastly ended up at Bar Artisinal for dinner with one of my BFFs and maid of honor. Good friends are great for the soul. Love her.


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