Walking in SoHo

Day 3 of our NYC trip was largely focused on SoHo. It’s right outside my brother’s door and walking the neighborhood is a daytrip all in itself. My friend and I spent most of the late morning and early afternoon walking down Broadway, across Spring, and zig zagging the streets in that vicinity like Broome, Mercer, Grand, etc… The small shops, the large shops, we tried to hit as many of them as we could and lapsed AGAIN into more retail shopping therapy!! (We’re seriously not the type of women that shop on a regular basis (and there’s nothing wrong with those who do!! I live vicariously through you!) but when in NY we have to break with our normal habits. And you just can’t NOT find something in NY to love and buy.)

We hit Anthropologie where I found some super cute items. As well walked through Prada (gorgeous clothes, but just a tad out of our pricepoint), Olive & Bette’s. There were many but I can’t for the life of me remember them all now.

All that walking and shopping can poop a girl out and make her ravenously hungry. We ended up at Ray’s Pizzeria for lunch on Prince St. There is absolutely nothing like a slice of NY pizza. NOTHING! For a pizza lover like myself (I could eat the stuff every meal of the day, I kid you not), I had my little slice of heaven.

As one friend took off for home, another joined me. My best friend from college came in from Pennsylvania and again we stayed close to home, walking the SoHo streets for a pair of jeans. She was in need of a pair, and me being a fabulous friend, I had to ensure she didn’t buy anything I’d be embarrassed to see walking beside me. (For those of you DYING to know, Levi’s beat out the Lucky jeans.)

We closed out the night with dinner on the upper East side with my brother and his friends at El Porron. Que maravilla de comida!! It’s Spanish food and it was just divine.

The following morning it was all about food (SURPRISE! I think I gained a couple of pounds on this trip). I enjoyed breakfast with my friend at Le Pain Quotidien, and then lunch with my parents and brother at our favorite PIZZA place, Lombardi’s.

That there my friends, ended my fabulous NY trip. There was so much more to do, but I saved up lots for my next visit. I heart NY, always will.

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