If there’s a God in heaven, it’ll fall


If I wish it, it will fall

Here’s what I heard inside Penny’s head today …. “Please dear God, if there is a God, please, oh please let there be a 7.0 earthquake in the next few seconds so I could catch that carcass from the island and make a run for it. I don’t know where I’ll go, because those humans are fast, but I’ll run, run like the wind, far far away. For the love of GOD FALL ALREADY!!!!!

Even dogs can dream.



  1. That is a great photo…every dogs dream! One year we kept putting butter out to soften and it kept disappearing…we wondered..and thought maybe we didn’t take it out…so about 8 sticks of butter later, we realize dour dog could reach it and he was a happy pooch! Thanks for swinging by my place. I am off to check out more here!


  2. HAHAH!!! this is hilarious!!!

    and i wanted to thank you so much for the comment you left for me. waiting for test results is absolutely MADDENING. for me it helped to blog about it, and to tell just a few family members and a couple of friends what was going on. that helped me feel less isolated, and it was encouraging to know that people cared.

    • I’m sure! I was thinking about her yesterday when I made the mistake of watching “Marley & Me”. (BTW, that Jennifer Aniston should find another show like “Friends”. I cried during every sad moment EXCEPT for when she was crying. Just not a big fan of hers. And WHAT WAS UP WITH THAT DOG??? Seriously, Marley would have been at the pound in those first 3 months were he mine.)

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