Snow in TX

Nope, not an Austin snowfall, but pretty eh?? Courtesy of

Yes folks, it snowed in Austin, TX yesterday. Having grown up on the east coast, gone to school in upstate NY where snow was not that unusual late into April or May (even saw it the first weekend in June once while in college!) you’d think I wouldn’t be phased by it. But … it was pretty OUTRAGEOUS! I know, I shouldn’t get all batty about it, but in TX where the only weather we know is sunny, warm, hot, hella hot, and who the hell pissed off Heat Miser hot?! snow is just downright stupid crazy! It was pretty fun and all the moreso because my kids, unlike me, haven’t really experienced snow in large amounts. We’ve had the occasional trip to CO to visit family, but that’s only been once or twice, and then for just a few days. They were just in complete awe of it. Wish I had been there to capture it on my camera.

They were able to enjoy the 3 or 4 minutes of it outside (their schools let them out to frolic in it) and I was out at lunch with co-workers when we saw it start to fall. Felt like a kid all over again watching the first winter snow fall. It never ceases to amaze me.

Anyway, in honor of that one wondrous moment we had here in TX yesterday, I’m giving you SNOW on my blog. Enjoy!!

Is it snowing where you are? Send some more our way!


  1. the snow on your blog is ADORABLE!! i live in sunny southern california, so snow really isn’t going to happen here. although it is bone-chillingly cold today and supposed to rain like mad. bleh. i’d rather have snow and the day off from work! 🙂

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