“New Moon” thoughts

I’m embarrassed to write that I got caught up in the Twilight book series. Though Stephenie Meyer is no JK Rowling, the books were somewhat entertaining. I say somewhat because that teenage angst got a bit irritating at times. Regardless, I couldn’t put the stupid books down.

My biggest gripe was the “New Moon” book. That has got to be one of the worst books I’ve EVER read. Now let me first preface my comment with the fact that I get I’m not the target audience. Teenagers would relate to Bella’s drama a lot easier than I do at this point in my life, however, the thought of this girl waking up in the middle of the night screaming, for a vampire she can barely kiss, let alone snuggle up with without having hypothermia … COME ON!! Were she my kid she would have gotten a few slaps to the head and a good push out the door to school!! He’s a vampire, he’s dead, PULL. IT. TOGETHER!

As for the movie, here’s how you take a crap-ass book and make the movie interesting …

Taylor Lautner / New Moon

What did you think of the movie, or book?

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  1. I thought it was a fun movie, for what it is. The book was a downer, but I enjoyed it because I was caught up in the whole Twilight craze. It really helped that Emily was obsessed with it. We enjoyed it together! Now Emily is totally over it and she didn’t really care if she saw the movie. I made her go with me to see the movie. I liked the series because it was something Emily and I were excited about and it was romantic (which I love). I did a lot of scanning and skipping of text. I agree, Stephanie is no J.K.! And I enjoy having all these movies to look forward to. They did a great job of casting pretty people.

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