Penny has refused an appearance

Sorry folks, Penny  is ticked off at me. She won’t let me take a picture of her today (the diva is not cooperating). I don’t know if it’s the haircut or the pink sweater I put on her. She’s barely looking at me right now. Little Miss Priss.

Seriously, do you think your dog can get mad at you? My husband doesn’t think they’re that smart, but I think Penny is smarter than she lets on to Palo Alto. Here’s why I think so. Lately, I’ve taken to letting her out at night before we go to bed. I know. I’m sure this is pretty common occurrence at other homes with dogs. But we haven’t had to do it with her since we potty trained her (the dog can hold it in for HOURS!!). Even as a puppy she was able to hold it through the night from as early as 10 weeks old. A few weeks ago though, she woke me up twice in the night ringing her bell to be let out (we have one of those jingly bells that dangles from the door. She paws at it and rings it when she wants to be let out.) Anyway, I decided to start taking her out to pee at night before bedtime so she wouldn’t wake me up anymore. It’s worked out well the last few nights, and then last night – this is after a day of torture at the groomer’s  -she doesn’t ring the bell to be let out, but instead just proceeds to pee on the carpet. She hasn’t done that in over a year!! I think she was mad at us!

Then the whole sweater thing … One of my daughters really wanted me to buy Penny clothes for Christmas. I thought it was cute (and this kid has a love affair with this dog), so I got her a sweater, also because I know Little Miss Priss gets cold when her hair is shaved off. Well, I threw it on and she literally just stood there. Didn’t look at me, stared down at the ground as if to say, “I don’t know what I do to deserve this but someone please save me from this hell that I live in.”, and just stood there. Stood there for a good 45 seconds to a minute, NO JOKE, refused to move! When I let her out to go pee in her sweater, she won’t go down the stairs. Needs me to give her a hand down. AND … WON’T COME UP THE STAIRS!!! I have to go down to the bottom of the deck, in the dark, and cold, to give her a push back up! This morning I woke up and found her with her sweater off, at her feet. No one took it off her!! She took it off herself! She’s a smart dog!

Or is she the devil in Penny the Austin Labradoodle?? She’s starting to freak me out.


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