Post Christmas blahs

Gingerbread houses

I hate how Christmas comes and goes so quickly. It’s this massive build-up and then it’s immediately over in all of a couple of hours. Kind of like a wedding. Don’t get me wrong. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I love Christmas. I love the entire month-long season. I just wish I had a way of making the day itself last a little longer.

We used to live in CA where “Palo Alto’s” (aka, my husband) family were strewn a good 20 – 40 miles from where we lived so Christmas Eve and Christmas Day were all about driving to and from family gatherings. Some people would complain about it, but we loved it! Since our move to TX our holidays have been more laid back. Still wonderful, just … different, quieter.

My mother-in-law moved out here to TX a year ago and so we’re now doing Christmas Eve at her place. We’ll do that again next year, and maybe either Christmas dinner here at the house with friends, or we’ll spend Christmas dinner with friends elsewhere. Again with the goal of making Christmas last a little longer. I think sloooowwwly we’re getting to a longer Christmas season.

Our Christmas this year may have felt a little short, but we had an incredible day. My parents joined us from NY so we had a Latin invasion of sorts (viva Ecuador!). The kids were giddy with all of the presents, and surprisingly, still playing with them. I’m always fascinated by what ends up as their favorite. For example, my middle daughter, who I never pegged for much of a girlie-girl, is in love with the doll that Santa brought her. Won’t put her down. It’s really cute. And my youngest just loves her Pixos and $4 wallet from Walmart. Go figure!!

What did you get for Christmas that you’re enjoying? Do you feel like Christmas comes and goes way too fast?

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas with your loved ones. Enjoy the remainder of 2009. Let’s get this year out of the way and start a new one! It’s going to be a phenomenal year!

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