Why do people even care about these women? It just irritates me that people who’ve done nothing to deserve fame, have it.

Kardashian Sisters / Image rights - insider.com



  1. Funny you should blog about the Kardashians. I happen to work with one of their uncles and he can’t stand them.

    I think these women’s fame has to do with a couple of things 1) they are beautiful 2) they engage in outrageous behavior and ‘want’ people to know about it and see it 3) people like to focus on others lives instead of their own (‘chisme’ can be addicting).

  2. Paloma,

    Chisme, you said it. People take an interest in the outlandish and outrageous and in the process make the rich even richer. If only we were smart enough to not buy into it all. Especially in this bad economy, it pains me to see these celebrities who have done nothing but simply be born into their fame, make money hand over fist with their reality shows and baby news, while many struggle to just make ends meet.

    Thanks for dropping by my blog. Wishing you a very happy new year!


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