Hella hot yoga

Bikhram Yoga / Image rights - nike.inside.com

So by now some of you may have gathered that I enjoy a good workout. I do my best. I’m not as regular as I could be, but I try. I also mentioned many-a-posts back that despite that, I fail terribly in the stretching department. A great athlete knows that a full regimen includes interval training, cardio training, resistance training and stretching (and rest, don’t forget rest, which is underrated as to the benefits to which it provides. I’M SERIOUS!! And I don’t mean to brag, but I’m DAMN good at Rest.). I do my basic stretching before a run and workout but there’s a lot of data supporting the benefits to having a yoga type class in your repertoire.

Well, many of you yoga fans out there will be sorely disappointed to read that I’m not big on yoga. I’ve given it the good ‘ole college try but it BORES. ME. TO. DEATH. I’m sorry!! I’ve really tried but every time I’m there, be it Hatha yoga or Bikhram yoga, my mind wanders. “What should I make for dinner tonight? That damn dog needs another bath. I wonder if I can squeeze it in today before I jump on the computer for a few hours to work? This nail polish on my toes just does not work. “ It’s terrible I know, but I just think that my brain is not quiet enough for yoga.

Yoga is all about the moment, about your breathing. I don’t want to focus on my breathing (I’m an asthmatic. I’ve listened to my breathing enough to know that as long as it’s clear, I’m happy.) Then there’s the hot Bikhram yoga. Holy hot hell!!! (This is the yoga that’s done in a 105 degree room, 26 different poses.) I tried it a few years ago shortly after the birth of my second daughter and I seem to remember enjoying it more then than I did most recently (perhaps because the brain forgets painful experiences, like labor pain). I tried it recently here in Austin and my husband and I (yes, the dear man actually joined me) were no joke, close to death. We enjoyed it so much that we vowed never to try it again. I could deal with the heat (crap! I survived 114 degrees this past summer here in Austin!), I just can’t deal with how damn long that class is. 90 minutes! Uh-uh, no way. That’s just too long. And again, the head just isn’t there. I’m thinking ahead to things I need to do, watching the minutes left in the class. It’s not good.

How do people do it? How do you do it if you’re a yoga enthusiast? And if you don’t do yoga, how do you include stretching in your workout regimen? Help a girl out here!



  1. I loved Bikram yoga for awhile! It was addicting. But then I started getting really bad headaches. I drank a ton of water, so I knew it wasn’t dehydration. Like you said it was just too hot for too long. I really love Baptiste Power Vinyasa yoga. I am heading to a yoga class tomorrow, yippie!

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