Looking forward to New Year’s Eve 2010

I miss the New Year’s Eves when my children were small. Those quiet evenings of snuggles and kisses, wishing for them a year of more of my snuggles and kisses, new adventures, accomplishments, sweet dreams and laughter. Since having moved to Texas we’ve spent the last 3 going to friend’s homes for the holiday, ringing in the new year with cocktails, delicious food and great friends. It’s wonderful, always is, but deep down inside, I long for the evening at home. Watching the ball drop on TV in Times Square, sipping some apple cider in plastic champagne glasses with party hats and horns.

Especially this year, I wanted to be home surrounded by the little people and man that make me whole. Not because 2009 was especially bad. I mean, sure, it sucked on many levels, nationwide and yes personally, but all in all, it was a year of personal growth. A year to discover new things about myself, to count my blessings, and to fully appreciate the people in my life.

I’ve got a short list of things I want to work on for 2010, things I want to do. One of them now includes “Ring in 2011 at home” to enjoy my children while I still can, while they’re still somewhat small and still love to be loved and wrapped in their Mama’s embrace. We’ll channel surf between all of the New Year’s Eve celebrations, ring in the New Year twice (New York and Austin), dance, sing, eat loads of desserts, watch movies, drink cider, and wear our party hats and horns. We’ll bring in the new year, announce our dreams for the year, and camp out in our living room sleeping into another year of new hopes and dreams.

Until then, I wish you and yours a year of dreams fulfilled, hope renewed, and genuine, crazy, bountiful love. Felicidades y bendiciones.


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