Hits and misses – Golden Globes 2010

By now I’m sure many of you have already reviewed some of the hits and misses of Sunday night’s Golden Globes. I have to chime in too, but will do my best to keep it brief. These are a few that stood out. What did you think?

Reason #352 why NOT to get a tatoo. (Right arm – couldn’t find a spot on your backside?? Tatoos and evening gowns just don’t go well together.)

Clooney and Elisabetta Canalis

Reason #353 why NOT to get a tatoo. (Your face?! And how did he get invited?!)

Mike Tyson

Did Ace of Cakes help her get that fondant on?

Kate Hudson

Melanie Griffith, Madonna, and Cat Woman (Jocelyn Wildenstein), please take note. This is what a good facelift looks like. Glenn Close looks amazing, and love that dress!

Glenn Close

This has got to be the ugliest dress ever worn (there were 5 others that made my Ugly Dress category, but this one took the prize last night. Notable mentions: Anna Paquin, Patricia Arquette, Tina Fey, Jayma Mays and Vanessa Minnillo).

I have not been a fan of the ruffles this most recent fashion season, and all the moreso now after seeing this little frock. Oh! And I read that her boyfriend gave her that dress for Christmas. Lose the boyfriend!

Jennifer Morrison

Maybe her invitation read “Business Casual Attire”.

Tea Leone

Pretty Woman’s too?¬†Julia, very disappointing.

Julia Roberts

And my FAVORITE dresses …

Simple but elegant. Looks absolutely beautiful on her.

Courtney Cox

Her boobies aren’t large enough to make it look tasteless or tacky. (For that, please do a search for Mariah Carey’s outfit and boobies at the Golden Globes 2010.) She’s just so darn pretty too. She could wear a paperbag and still look amazing.

Halle Berry

And finally, who would have thunk that someone so young could pull off such a polished and glamorous look?! Stunning!!

Lea Michele

Congratulations to all the winners and nominees! See you at the Oscars! (Well of course, that’s figuratively speaking because I haven’t received my invitation yet. Though maybe it got mailed to Mike Tyson by mistake??)

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