Tunes on my Walkman, I mean iPod

Last few weeks I’ve been stuck on the same 9 or 10 songs on my iPod that I’m listening to when either working out at the gym or running. I recently came across a Fitness Magazine list of the Top 100 Workout Songs of 2009. Thank goodness for some intern somewhere who’s tasked with compiling this list of songs for every type of exercise out there. This particular list goes as far as to match the average rhythm to say your pace while running, walking, warm-ups, cool-downs, strength training, Pilates, the elliptical or Yoga (aren’t you only supposed to play Yoga music though when doing Yoga? You know what I’m talking about. That flutey, celestial type music. Isn’t that written in the Yoga bible?).

In reviewing their list I’m reminded that I need to upload some new music. I find that when I dedicate the time to uploading new songs, it gives me a reason to get up and work out the next morning and the next several days for that matter. It can be a great motivator, it is for me.

If you’re bored with your songs and need some new ones, be sure to check out their list. If you’re hip and trendy, you probably have a lot of them. Me, not so much. I’ll tell you the ones I do have (I have my trendy moments!!):

  • “Run This Town” – Jay-Z, featuring Rihanna and Kanye West — love this song. (I’m waiting for one of my girls to ask, “Mama, what does he mean when he says, ‘… she got ‘a ass that’ll swallow up a g-string'”? And yes, we have the CLEAN version.)
  • “Obsessed” – Mariah Carey — yes, despite her too-tight-and-low-cut-of-a-dress-disaster at the Golden Globes, I do like this song
  • “Fireflies” – Owl City — only because my kids downloaded it, and I wanted to be cool like them (can be a little irritating, no?)
  • “I Gotta Feeling” – The Black Eyed Peas — “… that today’s gonna be a good run, that today’s gonna be a good run.”
  • “Celebration” – Madonna — one of the very few songs of hers that I’ve liked. I don’t know, I just lost my taste for her after that Rain album.
  • “Jai Ho! (You Are My Destiny)” – A.R. Rahman and the Pussycat Dolls, featuring Nicole Scherzinger — I did not know the Pussycat Dolls sang on that! Do you think AR Rahman and Nicole are BFFs now?
  • “Fire Burning” – Sean Kingston
  • “Cowboy Casanova” – Carrie Underwood — I LIVE IN TEXAS!!
  • “Fallin’ for You” – Colbie Caillat

Nine out of 100!! BEAT THAT! (Heavens to Betsy I feel old.)

Some that did not make their list but get me through my workouts these days, AND they’re current … OK, some of them are:

  • “I Write Sins Not Tragedies,” Panic at the Disco — “Now girls, we don’t say ‘God Damn’ in public, understood?” Especially not in Texas.
  • “Popular,” Christine Chenoweth  (Wicked soundtrack) — to hear Palo Alto sing this song was worth the download
  • “Unapologize,” Carrie Underwood — what will my NY friends think of me?
  • “Empire State of Mind,” Jay-Z (featuring Alicia Keys) — you can take the girl out of the concrete jungle, but you can’t take the concrete jungle out of the girl (the girl who now seems to have a serious taste for country music. WHAT???)
  • “7 Things,” Miley Cyrus — blame it on my kids
  • “I Run to You,” Lady Antebellum — I heard it on a country music station and searched for it. OMG, this pattern is really scaring me!
  • “Two is Better Than One,” Boys Like Girls (featuring Taylor Swift) — blame it on my kids and Texas

I’m always looking for good music. Share YOUR favorites (no more country … alright, only if it’s REALLY good!).


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