Did hell just freeze over?

Cindy & Meghan McCain / Image rights - NOH8

Just when you think you’ve seen it all and nothing new could possibly ever shock you, there’s Cindy McCain endorsing the NOH8 gay marriage campaign. Head spinning …. Steaddddyyyyy it. Steaddddyyyyy it.

It was no secret during his campaign for president that John McCain was NOT in support of gay marriage. Hell, it was a major part of his campaign and why middle-America loved him (among a few other things, right??). What was not publicly acknowledged then by the McCain camp was that Mama Cindy and daughter Meghan didn’t share his view. Meghan is an advocate of gay rights and both her and Cindy’s participation in the NOH8 campaign is a public declaration of where they stand despite the Senator’s opinion or political stance on the subject.

Holy gay Batman!!¬†Could you imagine what it’s like in that house? ICY!! When do we predict the Obamas joining the campaign? The monkeys and pigs are ready to take flight!!!

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