Fondue in a Box

Emmi Fondue in a Box / Image rights -

When we lived in CA, and our kids were still little, we had a New Year’s Eve tradition with good friends of ours where we had fondue dinner and dessert in the early evening, then played adult games leading up to the midnight hour (NOT THOSE KINDS OF ADULT GAMES!). The cheese and veggie broth dinner was the adult favorite and the chocolate fondue was the kid favorite. (Alright I’m lying, the adults loved both. Mmmmm, especially the rice krispie treats in the chocolate.)

I got a hankering for some cheese fondue a couple of weeks ago and went out to my favorite grocery store, Whole Foods, to pick up my Gruyere and Emmenthaler. Just across from the fancy cheeses was one of those little demo stations and a girl handing out samples of this Fondue in a Box. Whenever there’s free food, especially at Whole Foods, I’m all over it, so hell yeah you could give me some of that!! I was pleasantly surprised to find that it wasn’t bad. I looked at the ingredients and again was surprised to see that it was all cheese, and natural ingredients (wine too; that easily convinced me – cheese AND wine in a box). I figured, for the cost of the box vs. the big hunks of cheese, I’m willing to give the box a try.

Super simple to make … cut open bag, throw in block of cheese fondue, heat and mix. Ta-da!! And as far as taste … I cut up some bread, boiled some small potatoes, steamed broccoli and cut up some apples. It wasn’t as tasty as the real thing, but it really wasn’t that bad. On a scale of 1 – 10, a good 7.5 or 8. I’d absolutely do it again in a pinch or when I have another hankering for fondue.

Which is right. about. now.


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