Bringing you joy

I’ve been out of pocket for a few days. So sorry! Just been super busy with my little marketing biz. I do my best to prepare for periods of time when I know it’s going to be busy. I knew this project was going to be in the throes of final reviews, approvals, etc…, and I also knew it would be on the very tail end of my daughter’s b-day, so I tried to wrap up everything well before her birthday. Well of course things were extended and everything hit all at once! I TRY TO MANAGE THE CRAZINESS BUT THE CRAZINESS MANAGES ME!

Breathe, breathe … that’s another blog entry.

BTW, We’re having a Survivor theme party this weekend for my girl’s birthday party. Please send me ideas!!!.)

I haven’t even had time to photograph my favorite subject, PENNY! ┬áNow you know I’m busy! (She’s enjoyed her time off. She’s catching up on her beauty sleep.)

I’ve digressed…

During one of the rare moments these past few days that I had the chance to visit some of my favorite blogs, I caught this on Genny’s blog. I had such a huge smile throughout it that I couldn’t deny you the joy. And it’s for a special cause, Breast Cancer Awareness. You may have already seen it, it’s been around for a while on YouTube. An oldie, but a goodie in my opinion.



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