Cowboy boots

Luchese cowboy boots / Image rights -

I live in Texas so every now and again there are a pair of cowboy boots that stop me in my tracks, i.e. as a cute little pair to sport around town. This is not very typical behavior for a native New Yorker. In fact, my peeps in Yonkers would slap me upside the head if they read that I even looked at a pair of COWBOY boots (“What the heyell has gotten into you?!”). But let’s be honest, every now and again you see a pair that makes you think twice about possibly crossing over to the other side.

Well, I came across an article recently in Southern Living (I seem to cite this magazine quite a bit. I didn’t sign up for it, it was gifted to me. NOT THAT THERE’S ANYTHING WRONG WITH SOUTHERN LIVING! I’m just not a “southern” girl. In fact, my friends reading this are laughing out loud acknowledging that “Yes, Ana is NOT a southern girl.” I have my southern girl MOMENTS but no, you won’t find me being overly hospitable or sweet, or ever saying “y’all”. Maybe Texas will change this girl; stranger things have happened)… anyway!!! I came across this article titled “The Insider’s Guide to the Perfect Boot“. I saw that title and thought, “Cool! I’m curious to know what I need to look for when I finally purchase my first pair.”

They featured this custom boot maker, Stephanie Ferguson. Now mind you, I’m sure she’s got beautiful boots but, Stephanie, it’s a disservice to your talent to not feature them on your site. They were all in all, “meh.” Yet, despite this, I read the short piece anticipating my a-ha! moment when it comes to boots.

For some they’re an accessory, others a fashion statement. Check! OK, got it.

Lower your heels – Absolutely agree. I prefer the low heel.

Begin with basics, move up to more intricate design later – Makes sense.

Splurge on quality . For custom boots, think high (minimum about $2400) – Choking on spit. This has got to be a typo, or oil money she’s referring to and in NY there are no oil drills that my daddy’s ever hit, that I know of, so, Not. Spending. $2,400. On. Shoes. Period.

And lastly,

Choose thick skin. “The heavist and most durable skin is elephant. Crocodile and alligator is recommended for their durability. And Italian kangaroo is often a good choice for dress boots.”

That’s when I turned the page and said to myself, “Screw the expensive cowboy boots. Dumbo and Kanga are not dying on my dime for a stupid looking shoe.”



  1. Whew! For a moment I thought you were crossing over! Thank goodness you came to your senses! Elephant? I thought they were endangered!

    You Texans, with your endangered boots, death penalty (Did you listen to Terry Gross yesterday?) and big bugs!

    Though, I still want to come visit!

  2. Easy does it you little tree-hugger. I just won’t buy EXPENSIVE cowboy boots. I never said I wouldn’t buy them at all. Those little boots in the picture are mighty sweet and do not involve any elephant, kangaroo or, alligator.

    And don’t be talking smack about Texas. Only I can make fun of it (just like only I can make fun of my family but will take down the first person to do the same).

    Come and visit us! You can’t get to Austin fast enough little chick-a-dee. :))

    Mwaaaa! Miss you!


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