Well, I’ve known this for a few weeks but have finally come to terms with sharing it with my online friends. Don’t be alarmed. In the whole scheme of things, it’s not a big deal, I know that, nonetheless it’s a huge disappointment to me.

I was looking forward to running the Zooma Half Marathon on March 27th in Austin. That’s not going to happen. I’ve been sidelined from running for a few weeks. I had a knee injury that was bugging me, then I had some terrible Cedar allergies that only until last week the meds have finally cleared up the congestion and asthma. On top of that I’ve been crazy busy with work. What does this all mean? Any form of exercise that I’ve gotten in the last few weeks has been my crawling into bed from a 12 hour work day, or lifting my head, a head full of a thousand pounds of mucus.

I’ve looked into other half marathons and the soonest to take place in the Austin area is not until July. That one’s a trail run. No thanks. I don’t want to get my shoes muddied  up. I know! Ridiculous, but seriously, I don’t enjoy mud on or in my shoes, on my legs, up my back! No! Then there’s another run a few miles away from here in August. Have you ever run in Austin in August? Might as well be renamed “Half Marathon in Hell” that’s how hot it is. No, can’t do it. So… that leaves me with October or November. Big sigh. Seriously, very disappointed. I could look into doing a virtual half-marathon with a random group of people online, but it’s just not the same thing. There’s something about that energy at a half-marathon, the crowds cheering, your fellow runners beside you, that propels you forward. I need that.

So, I’ll have to look into possibly other areas. I was hoping to stay close to home so I could bring my girls and Palo Alto to see me. That’s still the plan, but … I don’t know. Not many are popping up. Then there’s the ING half marathon in NYC. That would be a great one, but that’s not until November.

Uggghhh, so disappointed. Stupid allergies. Stupid knee.

ON THE UPSIDE!, I hit the gym  yesterday and ran a couple of miles on the treadmill. Felt incredible! I’m slowly coming back.



  1. Hi Ana,

    I know how you feel about being derailed from marathon preparations. I was training for the Cinergy Mini years ago and ended up in the hospital and on some meds that rendered me without much energy. It really hurt that all that work was lost in such a short time.

    I will, however, do it again at some point. It’s on my bucket list. Keep your spirits up. Healing to you.

    Be well,


  2. Kellie,

    I strained a calf muscle a week before my half marathon. My physical therapist told me to stay off it and hope for the best. I was lucky in that it healed and I was able to run/walk my half marathon. So yes, I can imagine how frustrating it must have been to have gotten that far. I thought that was going to be my situation too.

    Get back on the wagon and come back to let me know when your half marathon is. 🙂



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