Dog pee carpet stains

Dining area with pee stains / Image rights -

By now you’ve been introduced to my sweet Labradoodle Penny. Well, when Penny was a puppy she managed to single-handedly destroy the off-white carpet we have in our dining and living area. Cute as she could be, she could not get a grasp on this thing called going-potty-outside. Above you’ll see what this small dog has managed to do to our carpet.

Penny’s been trained not to go upstairs, at all. Well, rule-abiding dog that she is, we’ve discovered on a couple of occasions that she understands when the “cats” are away. The first few times we’ve found evidence of her having rummaged through the upstairs trash, and most recently, TWICE!, she’s peed in the master bedroom. (I think it’s her way of saying, “You think you’re going to leave me alone with some inane rules and I’m going to play nice?!! Think again WOMAN!!”) Given the stains she’s left all over the downstairs carpet, you can imagine how insane I went when I spotted the pee upstairs.

I knew Palo Alto’s methods wouldn’t work (please reference evidence above, stains are in the foreground, bottom left hand corner, and that’s just a handful of them!) and so took to the internet to see if there were any other solutions. I think I found it!! I tried it on the two new stains, and for the hell of it tried it on a super old stain. The old stain lightened up quite a bit!!

It’s intensive, but if it works, I’m all for it. For those of you with dogs similar to my sweet Penny, here is my gift to you …

Do you have other suggestions? Solutions? I’m all ears.


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