Ellen Degeneres

I was at the gym today, had my earplugs in listening to some music while running on the treadmill. If you have an AM/FM radio in your playah you can synch up to one of the large screen TVs above and watch anything that’s randomly playing (at our gym it’s often ESPN or Fox News). I don’t have an AM/FM radio. I have an old iPod and so listen to my music but watch the TV (can we say multitask?). Ellen Degeneres was on the TV right above me and in my opinion, you don’t really need sound to laugh along with her.

Well, an older gentleman sidles up next to me on the treadmill to my right, gets himself warmed up, just about ready to go, then notices that Ellen is on the TV directly above us. I can see out of the corner of my eye that judgmental look. He looked at the other TVs further down the row, looked up at Ellen, shook his head a little bit, then started to make a move to another machine. Before doing so, he stopped and interrupted me, asked me if I was watching Ellen. “Yep, yes, I am,” to which he mosied on over to another machine.

I dedicate the Ellen above to my friend at the gym who can’t appreciate the funniest lady ever to grace our televisions — one of the funniest Ellens ever. (You have to understand my humor. I laugh when people fall down. NEVER TO THEIR FACE (right Alisa?), but I do laugh. “Oh she’s young. She’ll be fine.”)



    • My friends know me all too well. It kind of takes away from the fun of it all. They’re always careful not to fall or trip in front of me. But just for the record, I’ll NEVER laugh at you when you actually fall. I’ll be concerned, ensure you’re fine, check that you’re not too sensitive before I start ripping a gut.


  1. crap! i can’t get the video to play! i used to laugh when most folks would fall. but my last two spills were SO AWFUL that i may have to re-think my position. god, they hurt. and one involved my ass being exposed to MANY MEN AT WORK. fucking horrid. not to mention the pain of that damn injury is still killing me nearly a year later! goy!

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