How I love to hate “The Bachelor”

The Bachelor and "lucky" girl

As much as you sometimes don’t want to follow a television show, the universe often forces you to. I didn’t watch any episodes of “The Bachelor” this past season, but you couldn’t help but come across the flower ceremony results, the scandal, or final selection as it was plastered all over the online news and my Facebook page.

I’m just going to cut to the chase, come out and say it. I hate this show. I hate that we’ve stooped so low to find this type of reality TV entertaining. I have such a hard time taking people seriously, particularly strong, intelligent women in my life, when they start talking to me about “The Bachelor.” Why? Because I sit there and wonder, “When did it become alright for 20+ women to parade in front of a man like cattle for his affection?”

The thought of any one of my daughters participating in this show or bringing home their suitor to make introductions before a television audience makes me want to throw up. Literally and figuratively. I honestly don’t think I could do it. I seem to remember one of the girls wanting to take home The Bachelor to meet her parents (it was an earlier season) and her parents refused to have the television crew come to their home. That’d be me. I couldn’t participate in a farce, nor encourage my daughter by participating in it any more than she already had.  (She wasn’t chosen by the way. See, Mom & Dad are always right.)

I guess when it comes to love, I’m old fashioned. I believe in one person dating one other person, not 1:20. I believe that when you find the man you’re going to spend the rest of your life with it shouldn’t be a case of him agonizing over whether or not to choose you from the other top 2 of his girlfriends, that by the way, he’s already taken for a ride. Newsflash ladies, in the real world — not to be confused with the reality TV world —  he’s cheating on you! But on TV, I guess  it’s OK for him to do that.

And I get that it’s entertainment. I get it. I get that many of these girls, and The Bachelor for that matter, do this for some level of notoriety, their 15 minutes of fame (stretched out over 6 weeks). I GET IT! But it just seems like we could be a little more creative with these reality TV shows. Dontcha think?

Maybe something like emotionally berating someone to tears over their obesity and trying to outdo each new season with the fattest, hugest person NBC could find in America. Don’t get me started on this one.



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