Nothing scarier than a clown… oh, a balloon

Balloons, Penny, and scary ass clown

Penny the Labradoodle hates balloons. I think my children traumatized her when they rubbed it against her hair to witness static electricity firsthand. That was her first experience with them. Then I think what really did her in was when she played with one like it was any one of her other 2,000 toys only this one POPPED! (Her reaction was worth every traumatized hair on her body. It might even have been funnier than my friend Alisa falling in her beautiful patent leather pumps.)¬†Well now she crawls up under the desk when one’s in sight.

You can imagine how much she hates birthdays around here. I for one think they’re all the more entertaining now.

I’m cruel. I know.



  1. Well, at least there is actually SOMETHING to be afraid of. Phillip, our cat, will run, scurry, head for the nearest cover anytime I walk into the room where he is. Keep in mind, that I NEVER beat him, kicked him, or tortured him when he was little. It has been all love for him since a baby and to this day I am the only one that he will sit on, meow again and again and again and again and again (repeat) in front of, and wait for the encouragement that is needed so that I can pet him and let him know I love him and will never hurt him (albeit he does drive me crazy with his “talking”, thoughts do run through my head.)

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