Mini Strawberry Pies

Mini Strawberry Pies / Image rights -

I love baking with my daughters. It’s a great time for us to gather round our kitchen, chat about things great and small (mostly silly, cute as heck things), bond over the finer details of measuring things accurately (or in our case, inaccurately),  and of course, make a mess of the kitchen (enough to drive Palo Alto crazy when he’s left to clean up after us while we’re eating our baked yummies).

I found these Mini Strawberry Pies on one of my favorite blogs and just had to share it. With strawberries looking really purty right now, and tasting amazing (we do love, love, LOVE strawberries!), I thought I’d go pick some up and gather  up my girlies for some baking this weekend.

I’ll be sure to let you know how they turn out. Wish us luck!!


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