Sweet little yellow sticky notes

I open up my laptop yesterday, working on some project timelines and needed to double-check some dates. I don’t have a paper calendar anywhere in sight and so go to my handy-dandy laptop calendar on my dashboard.

Lo and behold, I have a message. How fun! It’s one of those yellow sticky things. Someone’s typed up a yellow sticky note and put it on my dashboard, you know, IN my screen (how clever!).

It reads …

“I want the iphone or droid please please and can i have a raise in my allowance”

I immediately realize, it’s from my 12 year old. Here’s my thinking on the matter…

If there were an attempt to capitalize proper names, I’d have considered the request.

If there were an attempt to add some punctuation in all the right places, again, I’d have considered the request.

If Palo Alto or I had an iPhone, Droid, or gotten a raise with either of our respective incomes any time in the last oh, let’s just say, 3 years, again, AGAIN, I may have considered the request.

BUT in light of all of the above, no, sweet darling daughter, love of my life and reason for my existence (in addition to your two other sisters).

Have a great day at school, sweetie!!!



  1. Those silly kids!! By the way, what does she get for allowance? My kids think I am the cheapest parent in town, they get $3. a week. If they helped out around the house more, I would consider giving them more. But no.

    • Yeah, you are the cheapest parents, but then I’ve been thinking that we’re the most generous parents, and that’s about to change.

      Allowances vary by age at our house. The eldest gets the most because the assumption is that she’s got more expenses (visits to the mall with girlfriends, more wants). She’s about to get downgraded to $8 a week. Sorely lacking in the chores dept and needs to work on her grades if she expects more any time soon.

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