Kate Hudson vs Jessica Simpson

Kate Hudson

I don’t get it. Recently there was quite a big deal made of Kate Hudson’s, well, chest, and alleged breast enhancement.

Whatever. Why does anyone really care? I mean really, so much attention on whether or not she did or didn’t. It’s just flesh (or silicone).

But then I happened to catch a glimpse of Jessica Simpson on Ellen Degeneres’s show. Something is going on there.  Because her head looks prettttttyyyyy small compared to ummmm, everything else.

Jessica Simpson on Ellen / Image rights - ellen.warnerbros.com

But again, why do we care? SO WHAT she’s got big boobs, the other one’s got little ones.

After watching that short clip on Ellen’s show, what I think we SHOULD care about with regard to Jessica Simpson is the fact that she doesn’t brush her teeth more than 3X a week.

(I just heard you go “ewwww.”)

That’s grosser than any super-sized chest.

Just thinking about it too long makes me want to hurl.



  1. The saddest part is that women feel the need to go through surgery (dangerous) in order to feel complete. I hope my girl doesn’t think that she has to do that in order to be seen as attractive! But, we will see.

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