Texas Snaps

Texas Snaps, Sweetish Hill / Image rights - allthingsana.wordpress.com

I love ginger snaps. I’ve tried my hand at making my own, but I’ve had little to no luck finding a recipe I like. So, I often turn to the store variety for those times that I have a craving for them.

The irony here … I hate ginger. Hate it in Chinese food, hate it in Thai, any kind of food. If I see it as a top ingredient, I’ll avoid that food. But ginger snaps. I’ve stopped overanalyzing my crazy eating habits.

I think I found my new favorite cookie, and it comes in a bite size, crunchy, delicious little number. It’s thin and crispy. I’m not a fan of the thick and moist ginger snap or gingerbread cookie. Ick. Oh, and did I mention they come in Texas themed shapes?? That’s right, shape of the state of Texas or a cowboy boot. The universe is kind of funny that way. Just in case I forget that I’m a New Yorker now living in Texas, I’ve got the cookie to remind me. I don’t care what shape they put them in as long as they’re in my belly!

What I love most about them is my youngest absolutely adores them. That kid is a fussy one when it comes to food. Surprisingly, even sweets. She doesn’t have a big sweet tooth. (I know she’s mine because she was born in my living room.) Not interested in cakes, cupcakes, or cookies. Likes hard candy and store-bought, processed, dye #5 kind of candy.

OK, she does have a sweet tooth, just of the disgusting, store-bought kind. Translation, don’t care much for your baking, Mom.

Frankly, I don’t really care. I was talking about my beloved Texas Snaps. Let’s get back to that…

It’s made by a local little sweet shop and bakery, Sweetish Hill Bakery. I found the Texas Snaps at Whole Foods and have stocked up on extra boxes before they run out.

Don’t look at the nutrition label, that’s just stupid. Because taste-bud almighty goodness should not be measured by fat or sugar content. And it’s got ginger!! Ginger’s supposed to be good for you, right?



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