Barbecue Grub

‘Tis the season. That’s right, it’s barbecue season. We had our first this past Saturday and I had to bust out a tried-and-true and a new recipe. Both that are so darn good, I have to share.

New Potato Salad / Image rights, Food Network

New Potato Salad – yep, the old standby, potato salad. But Barefoot Contessa, Ina Garten, has given this little favorite a most delicious little twist. Even my kids love this recipe (except my youngest; I told  you, she’s a picky eater).

The only thing I do differently with this recipe is I don’t put as much dill in it, or red onion. Neither of which are big favorites in our house. Otherwise, still an unbelievably delicious potato salad. (The weird part about that picture above, that I grabbed from the Food Network, is it shows what appear to be carrots, or red peppers … neither of which are in the recipe. That’s annoying.)

Best Baked Beans Ever / Image rights - The Pioneer Woman

The Best Baked Beans Ever (that’s what she calls them!) – this was my first time making these. This is from one of my favorite bloggers (and photographers), The Pioneer Woman. Now, because it’s made with Pork and Beans (yes, canned beans), and bacon, I did not indulge. I don’t do meat, but my kids and Palo Alto do. For them, I wanted to try it out. This too got rave reviews from my family and friends (except tiny kiddo; she’s lucky I adore her so much). The bacon slices were especially delicious on the hamburgers, I’m told.

I want to try this out next time with home-made beans (dried beans, soaked overnight), and sans bacon. It’ll be a few tries before I get one that’s tasty, but I’m on a mission. My summer mission.

Hey, if you have a great baked beans meatless recipe, please let me know!!



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