Depressed dog almost killed her owner

I’ve been worried about Penny lately. Not worried about her, like I’m-thinking-about-her-all-day-long worried about her. Please, no. I don’t have that kind of time on my hands. No, just worried, like she’s down in the dumps, not really being her usually chipper self.

Now mind you, this dog sleeps quite a bit, but when she’s up, she’s UP! Happy, tail about to fall off it’s going so fast, that kind of happy! Well, this morning, Palo Alto asked Penny if she wanted to go with him to drop off the girls at school. Any other day and she’d have been out the door and in the car before he finished the question. She loves it that much!! He tells me today that she wasn’t really interested in going when he asked. Just kind of turned her back on him, walked the other direction, and back to her bed. SHE DID THIS TO PALO ALTO!! Her bud! Her compadre!

See why I think she’s depressed?

Well, I decided we were going to include more activity in her day. This morning, I told Palo Alto to take her for a walk. Palo Alto’s brother is visiting and so I said, “Both of you take that dog for a walk, she needs to get out more. That fresh air wouldn’t hurt you two either.”

I get home and el cuñado (the brother-in-law) proceeded to tell me that we were neglecting our dog. Lecture, lecture, lecture. Ok, ok, I hear you!!! She seems to sleep all day anyway!

Ok, so I took his lecture to heart and decided right then and there that even though she’d had a long walk this morning, she was going to have a run too. And not just any run, a bike-run. No, she wasn’t going biking. I was going to ride my bike and she was going to run.

What were the last words I hear before leaving the house? My little one says, “No Mommy! Don’t do it, you’re going to hurt her!” Palo Alto, “Wear your helmet! And take your phone in case you need to call 911.” The confidence they have in me is just overwhelming.

Penny and I were fine for a while. I was wearing her out good! We were well on our way back, just around the corner from our house, and dumb dog gets spooked! Not by a dog, or a cat, a rattlesnake, or a grizzly bear! I didn’t see a damn thing anywhere in sight so the only thing I can imagine is some LEAF scared her!!! Well, I may have overreacted, because before I knew it, my grip went hard and fast on the handle breaks and I fell over my bike. Fortunately, it was a slow fall, not very sudden, pitching me over and clear off the bike kind of fall. No, just fell onto the bike, then over it onto my knees.

After I picked myself up and checked on Penny (stupid dog!!), I peaked around to see if anyone saw me (playing it cool the whole time). Phew! No one. Cause the last thing I need is one of my neighbors posting that crap on Facebook.

My ego was bruised and my knee hurts quite a bit, but all-in-all it’s a pretty small scrape. More achy than anything. (I tell you one thing. I won’t be telling my kids, “Oh you’re fine, Get back out there and play” when they come in crying from a fall. Those skin scrapes are a bitch!)

I get home, wipe my cut down, wash off the street dirt that I have on my hands and legs (filthy neighborhood) and check email, then Facebook and I see that a friend has posted this …

Swollen ankle

I think I’ll shut up now.



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