I heart NY

I was very fortunate to have been on a business trip to NY this past weekend. Whenever work takes me to NY I take advantage of the time there and visit with friends and family and if time permits, I grab my camera and walk. There’s so much to see and love in that city!

Like these dogs. Lots of little dogs in NY. Cute huh? But yet don’t they also look vicious in their own teeny face, well groomed way?

Tiny dogs in NY / Image rights - allthingsana.wordpress.com

This bridge has got to be one of the most beautiful bridges ever. I love the color and the lacy, almost delicate features.

Queensboro Bridge / Image rights - allthingsana.wordpress.com

This is a view of Manhattan from Roosevelt Island. In all the years I lived in NY, and subsequently visited NY, I’ve NEVER been to Roosevelt Island!! How did I miss this?

View of Manhattan from Roosevelt Island / Image rights - allthingsana.wordpress.com

This bouquet of roses is stunning. So much beauty in this concrete jungle.

Flowers in NYC / Image rights - allthingsana.wordpress.com

I love NYC early Sunday morning, before the natives roll out of bed and onto the streets of NY to do their errands, and before the multitude of tourists crawl the streets elbow-to-elbow.

And look at her. Gorgeous.

Stylish beauty in NY / Image rights - allthingsana.wordpress.com

And this, this is part of my NY ritual. Sunday mornings I walk over to Dean & Deluca and pick up a coffee and danish. Too much to choose from (just looking at these I feel the pounds creeping on).

Big sigh … I so heart NY.


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