The lady of the pond

I mentioned earlier that we had a handsome toad that was inhabiting our pond.

Well, he (she??) took off for a couple of days – I thought he’d flown the coop – but then showed up again for a visit only to find …

I think this little lady kicked the bum out because that was the last we saw of Toad. (I wonder if he wasn’t folding his laundry or leaving the toilet seat up?)

She’s much prettier, I think. A frog my girls tell me. And who knows, she may be a HE. I like to think it’s a SHE seeing as our house is nothing but estrogen (with the exception of Palo Alto). I guess we’ll know soon if she leaves me to take care of a hundred little tadpoles. Newsflash baby girl: survival of the fittest! I’m not taking care of no stinking tadpoles.

She’s skittish though. Every time she spots one of us taking a peek at her, she jumps right into the water.

I’m paying your rent!! The least you could do is show your face!! INGRATE!!


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