Emma Watson and her fabulous shoes

Emma Watson / Image rights - omg.yahoo.com

I have to ask, “When did our Hermione grow up?!” It’s hard to believe Emma Watson is 20 years old. She’s so lovely. I especially like how smart she is. She goes to Brown you know.

“I am going to Brown, which is an Ivy League establishment in the USA. I’ve got a place there┬áto read literature,” she said.

A reader. Makes me just happy to see that young people still read. Seems almost a lost art (ask any one of my babies).

But more importantly, check out those shoes!! Wooweee! I’m always impressed with anyone that can walk in heels that high.

But be careful Emma. Wouldn’t want you to go the way of our favorite runway model.

1 Comment

  1. she is so cute, she has amazing style (and/or an amazing stylist), and she looks so well put together.

    and smart! and she reads, too?!?! she is a marvel, no?

    and thank you for your sweet comment — i really appreciate it.

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